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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yo MTV Raps first episode


  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger extrafixomic said…

    Yoooooooo your come back I just fall on the ground I'm very glad to see that woawww Behind my computer in France it's great news
    I think that there we'll be alot of happy peoples
    check my french blog
    my adresse
    I forget to say that I'm an MC and I grab mics with my crew escamotage

  • At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice one, I always like something from yo mtv raps, especially when its a full show.
    Keep it up

  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger clawdada said…

    Don't call it a comeback?!

    Excellant link, Yo MTV Raps! was a seminal tv show. It was a religion in the early 1990's and the hip hop world is lessor place without it.

    Peace to Ed Lover, Doctor Dre & Fab 5 Freddy.


  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger Kenny said…

    don't call it a comeback. i'm just trying to get rid of this bad video habbit.

    i wanted to share it with whoever was checking the site still. i've seen this show 13 times in a row. i've even grown to like fresh prince from back in the day hahaha. who would ever think jazzy jeff would be de starter of Another Touch Of Jazz and make some ridiculous nu soul jams. wow

    but anyhow. nostalgia is a mother. enjoy that

  • At 4:09 PM, Anonymous cenzi said…

    wow! thanx guys.... you DO know the WHOLE world is on this site leeching like mothafuckas right! Thanx, not too many times in my life have I bumped into a treasure chest like this one. Dont quit.

  • At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kenny, good to have you back... I just passed through out of respect and saw the MTV link... Word that's some fly-ish!


  • At 12:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good looking out man, Yo MTV Raps is straight classic!

  • At 3:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    MC Serch is such a a good way. Dope shit


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