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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jay & Nas Interview

The first interview with Jay-Z and Nas since they ended their beef and joined forces at Def Jam. On "All Eyes on Jay-Z and Nas," the duo explains to Sway Calloway why they decided to come together after a bitter battle that lasted several years. "It's bigger than both of us," Jay says in the interview. "It's more about the culture, about showing people another way, because [the battle] was something that stopped the world. Now everyone emulates the battle. So now we have to show them another way." Besides reflecting on the past, Jay-Z and Nas will talk about the future, including a possible collaboration on Nas' Def Jam debut. Check out the interview.


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    dope DOPE site dukes.
    yo, if you still need the mp3 of the Street Smarts - Dont Trust Anyone Remix...holla...i got you


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    I just added your blog to our link section



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