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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fat Joe - Flow Joe

It just doesn't add up. Fat Joe, influenced by the Zulu Nation, doing the grafitti and breakdancing thing, joined DITC, smacked you in the face with Represent back in '93. It had this track on it called Flow Joe. It hit the number 1 Billboard spot. If you see the video it has appearences by Lord Finesse, Nice & Smooth, Diamond D, Beatnuts and others. Shit iz real...

Ten years later the situation is kinda different. Now we see Ashanti, Ja Rule, R. Kelly appearing in his video's and he's even singing hooks with J-Lo on the rooftop. Who would ever think the man who gave you Represent and Jealous One's Envy would ever put out a single with Nelly. I thought I was good at math, but this one I just can't figure out.

Untill the day I figure this one out, I'm sticking to the past.

Fat Joe - Flow Joe


  • At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Super-C said…

    i couldnt agree with you more....Fat Joe just doesnt make sense.....i guess he was sick of being an "underground" icon and wanted to make the real is the root of all evil (and ja rule=evil in my book)

    this shit takes me back though, i used to bump this single hard!

    if you take requests, here are a few vids i need

    Freshco & Miz - We Dont Play
    Son Of Bazerk - The Band Gets Swivey...
    Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin
    Milk - Get Off My Log
    Cool C - Glamorous Life
    Mannish - Expect That



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