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Monday, January 30, 2006

Company Flow - End To End Burners

Damn yo. These exams, internship and work are killing me. I haven't had that much time to hit you up with some new stuff. My man Arwen from Belgium hooked me up with this video. Thanks so much!!! End To End Burners was one of my favorite vids of the '98 period. While everyone was wearing shiny suits and aviator glasses, these cats took shit underground and made a dark, creative video. I realy love the graff effects. I'm going to keep it short. Here's some info I found on Wikipedia:

Company Flow is an alternative hip hop crew associated with the independent record label Rawkus Records. El-Producto, DJ Mr. Len and Bigg Jus founded the group in 1992 (see 1992 in music) in Queens, New York.
El-P had had a disastrous experience with a record label in an attempt at a solo deal, and founded the group after serving as an intern for an entertainment lawyer. With DJ Mr. Len, Company Flow released "Juvenile Techniques" in 1993 (see 1993 in music). The follow-up, "8 Steps to Perfection", and the debut EP, Funcrusher (1995), were underground hits. Subject to a major label bidding war on Libra records, Company Flow waited until they could get a contract on their own terms. They eventually signed to Rawkus, and helping to revitalize alternative hip hop with labelmates like Mos Def. Some mainstream success followed, and the group amicably dissolved after 2 years of pushing the album and touring, group member Bigg Jus decided to strike out on his own. El-P and Mr. Len followed up their debut with the brilliant, though poorly promoted, instrumental album Little Johnny From the Hospital (Rawkus). Flexing the production skills that had set so many ears on fire, El-P (and Mr. Len) continued the trend-setting, cutting-edge work that further bolstered their rep as innovators.

Fast forward to 2000. The relationship with Rawkus had run it's course. The label striving hard to enter the mainstream while the group was striving hard to remain true to themselves. The time off and frustration of battling the label over music and the approach to music led to the group announcing their departure from Rawkus. El-P and Mr. Len left Rawkus shortly thereafter, deciding that it was also time to go their separate ways. El-Producto has started his own record label (Definitive Jux) and a solo career, as has Mr. Len (Smacks Records) and Bigg Jus (Big Dada).

Reports say that El-P is working on production on the solo debut of former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha.

Company Flow - End To End Burners


  • At 1:01 AM, Blogger boog-a-licious said…

    "While everyone was wearing shiny suits and aviator glasses..."

    I agree and I LOLOLOL!!

  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Skalp said…

    so good to see this vid again :)
    it reminds me of when it came out, i was amazed seeing the dj cutting "Dance to the rhythm and rhyme of coflow"... It made me purchase doubles of the 12"...
    anyway, mad props for sharing this dope video!!!

  • At 10:00 PM, Anonymous mordecai said…

    this kept glitching out on me. :(

  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Kenny said…

    i don't have that problem (?)


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