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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Looptroop - Fly Away

Looptroop are a Swedish hip-hop crew who’ve swallowed US hip-hop culture whole, and regurgitate it on their second LP, with convincing American accents and much talk of playas and honeys. Their command of English would put plenty of English MCs to shame and their carefully-enunciated rhymes are technically superb, though the real star is their producer/DJ Embee and his funky loops. You get the odd non sequitur, which only adds to the fun. What does grate is their uncritical assimilation of meaningless gangsta posturing ‘along with all the politically conscious rhymes.
The video I'm putting up is the album's first single called "Fly Away" in which the rappers lay down the ups and downs with loved ones caused by their busy music career. They poor their emotions out on a beat with this soothing plucked orchestra vibe, accompanied by a video with lovely graphics which makes the experience so much better. The last rapper brings out his emotions the best:

You flew away like you were scared that I would clip your wings
after five years we haven't kicked it since
but straight up this ain't no pimpin' thing
You a true queen baby only fit for kings
Maybe I couldn't see in the midst of things,
now in my chain of life you're the missin' link
Just to hear your voice used to lift my chin
and I still feel the taste from when I kissed your skin
I'm looking at your picture wishing we'd click again
next time I make sure to get our shit in synch
next time I be your man through the thick and thin
I promise no more committing wicked sins
I buy you a house with a picket fence
get you everything you could give me twins
No bullshit on tour never hittin' skins
chasin' no groupies with chicken wings
Not the type to chain you between bed and kitchen sink
I merely praise the place where your lips begin
Your hips begin - I know you're quick to think
It's pathetic, but I'd be the richest prince
if you once more unzip and let me sip your drink
Addicted to your love worse than nicotine
But there's too much pain for me to dig within
so I'm a let the music massage my crippled limbs...

The last two lines perfectly describe what music can mean to you. Too nice. So without further adew, I present to you:

Looptroop - Fly Away

PS: Impressed? Check out there new video Looptroop - Fort Europe


  • At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Bob said…

    Go Here

  • At 7:16 AM, Blogger T-Money Bags said…

    This is the only Loop Troop track I've heard other than "Long Arm Of The Law"...I came across this video maybe 2 years ago and it's pretty ill.

  • At 1:53 PM, Anonymous mordecai said…

    nice use of graphics. would be interested in seeing more Looptroop vids...."Flyers" perhaps?


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