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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blahzay Blahzay - Pain I Feel

Well, I guess everybody who' s into hiphop has heard of Blahzay Blahzay and has heard 'Danger' a couple of times during their life, wether at home, or at a HipHop party. I know I have. I didn't even have the album or single of this New York based crew, and without practice or writing down the lyrics, I could rhyme along with the whole song.
1996 was the year Outloud and producer/dj PF Cutting broke through with 'Danger' and I really thought that they were gonna stay for the long run. Outloud had a heavy voice, breaking down every mic used to record the album, and PF Cutting was hitting us with rowdyrugged&raw beats, as if he was trying to be the next
DJ Premier. 'Blah Blah Blah' is just that album you want to put on after Gangstarr's 'Moment of Truth' to keep the vibe going. The second single 'Pain I Feel' using the hook from Channel Live's 'Mad Izm' brings out the message to other artists to back up and sit their ass down! Do you think Blahzay Blahzay's message is loud and clear? Decide for yourself.

Blahzay Blahzay - Pain I Feel (49mb)


  • At 3:48 PM, Anonymous dehavenkroe said…

    another straight up classic from the master... been waiting a long time for an encore.. doubt if it'll ever come...


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